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Tips on How to Purchase Art

Your presence on this site implies that art interests you and you are interested in potentially buying one or more pieces for your home and office. Judaica art is a wonderful choice. However, how does one go about purchasing art? This page will provide some useful tips in selecting and purchasing that original piece that was created to be yours.

The most important consideration when making such a purchase it to buy art that you love, art that moves you. More than anything this is the driving force of art ever since people started drawing in caves. It has to mean something to you. If it leaves you cold – keep looking.

Once you a genre or an artist that appeals to you – do your homework! Art is an investment, and, as with any other investment, the more you know, the better your chances of making a wise decision. Who is the artist, what is his or her past history, what pieces have been sold and for how much? For the answer to these questions, you can rely on the artist, dealer or gallery who either represents or sells the art. Verbal information can also come from friends, collectors and others who are familiar with the art or artist in question.

Printed information comes in a variety of forms including artist websites, gallery websites, online artist database resources, gallery exhibition catalogues (either online or printed), artist career resumes, exhibition reviews (either online or in hard-copy publications), and art reference books, websites and databases including dictionaries of artists, art indexes, art or artist encyclopedias, monographs on artists, and art surveys or histories.

Clearly the better known an artist and their work is, the better the investment. Do the pieces that caught your eye have a history, and if so, how much of that history can you uncover? If there are issues you do not find answers to, do not be afraid to ask questions! Just as one would never buy a car without a test drive, it is expected that purchasing fine Judaica art will involve a process, a relationship with the online gallery owners, who will be more than happy to provide any information you require before making your decision.

The cost of a piece of art is also an important consideration. It is a mistake to think that price tags are created at random by artists and gallery owners. As with every industry there are acceptable prices for a work depending on the artist, the size and quality of the piece. Numerous online databases exist which can indicate how much similar pieces were sold at, and provide you with an indication regarding the price being asked for the piece or pieces you want. Keep in mind that auction prices, also available online, will typically be lower than gallery prices. So have a budget in mind, but be prepared to spend a little more- there’s also shipping and insurance costs.  However, if it’s the something you really love and it’s a little bit over your price range, I would say – make the effort. Life is short, and you want to be inspired.


On a more pragmatic level, once you've found pieces you are interested in and did your research regarding the artist and the piece's history and value, do not forget to ensure that the physical dimension of the piece are appropriate for the space you are considering. All too often pieces are bought and are either too big for the wall, or too small for the space and do not look 'right'. Make all your measurements and pick the pieces that can fit harmoniously where you'd like them to be.

Even though the tips above contains recommendations and suggestions relating to particular works of art, keep in mind that there is no right or wrong art, and there is no right or wrong way to buy or collect art. Anyone can collect whatever they feel like collecting, or buy whatever art they feel like buying, wherever and whenever they feel like buying it, for whatever reasons they decide to buy it, and for however much money they feel like spending on it. So with that in mind, we invite you to explore our site and take a wonderful adventure in Judaica Art!


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